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Thursday, December 27
Day Out at the Mall

a day out at the mall when an unexpected certain girl by the name FEUNA dropped by the house only to get lost while in search for my house ;p
spent the afternoon at SanFrancisco Coffee then went to get a big juicy Zinger Burger while feuna only settled for a pack of cheesy wedges. she's scared of getting fat ;p
azu joined us at SanFrancisco. then we left for KFC n feuna's contacts lenses. she thought the contacts guy was cute. n she paid extra when we(meaning me n the contacts people) tried telling her it costs rm76. hahaha. trish met up with azu n i later joined them after feuna went home. then, the clock strikes 7 n its time to go home :PPP

im having a laugh. haha

she's my sister. i love her & im uploading funny pretty pics of her. haha ;p

Wednesday, December 26
start of something new.

NewYears is coming in 5 days & im still thinking of my newyears resolution. so i guess the normal thing to do is study my ass off for SPM if i want to be accepted in a decent college. School starts in about 8 days from now. so let's panic people who are born in 1991. then again, lets not.

reminiscing through 2007, i realise im hating a few people right now. mainly 'cause they've been backstabbing b***hes :)
i could name em but hey, im willing to live & let live if they quit it ;p
Like what Jason Mraz said, see the beauty in ugly. & im definitely trying to. shudnt you?
SPM's coming soon. I should start hitting the books if i want to pass with flying colours. huh well atleast im thankful i have a few friends who's in the same path down that yellow brick road :)
oh. Qay made a t-shirt saying 'SPM 2008 : let the pain begin'. haha. he'd better get me one. i could use a study shirt. :p
Friendster's becoming a distraction to me. since im easily sidetracked, im planning on deleting my friendster by the end of January 2008.
gosh. sports! that'll give my skin extra crisp treatment :s
the annual early of the year sports. boo!!
oh. aww. i jus noticed the form5s this year wont be around anymore nextyear :(
im gonna miss them. there'd be no more nutty scary Sara or poking princess Brenda, Fishy Fish Steph, perky dimply Jessie or or them older dramatic drama queens :X
eh. they're off to bigger & better things i guess :O
hm. 20th January is just around the corner. finally. hehe. ;)
another good thing about 2008 is my sister's coming back in July. :D
i'll force her to teach me stuff for SPM. she's useful in these things. hehe.
but her birthday's in 8 days too. bet she'll want a birthday present. hmm.

again, school is starting in more or less than A WEEK, & i still havent done any back to school shopping. i need a new school bag and utensils. plus i want to watch alvin & the chipmunks! & alien vs predators ii! especially before school starts! huh.

ok people! im still thinking bout my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. thought of yours yet? :)