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Sunday, July 27
happy happy days :D

sorry. pic was taken from inside the bus. hehe

lets start off with last thursday, i went to KK High School for this accounts seminar.
i have three things to point out about the school.
the school is so effing huge and the auditorium is friggin awesome plus the canteen is foodtastic man! hahaha.
the auditorium was really nice ehh. it was huge and big and cold and it looked like a class in university :D
oh and the environment is pretty nice too ;p

oh and i spotted a CCTV cam at the canteen :O
whats that for? hehe x]

the nicest surprise was suddenly spotting NANA while on the way out of the school :O
i think she was switching class. haha. she was so um. surprised? to see me? haha :D
and she's so effing skinney redi mannn. skinnier than the time i saw her at Bakat Interact.
nana! eat more la! aih.
goodbyeee KK Hiiiigggghhhh! i look forward to entering u agaaaiiiinnn. haha :p


and now! drum roll pleassseee!

ahem. hehe. well its not really a big deal but it holds a certain memory for me ;p
well, i spent lastyear running? hanging out with some friends. then spent all night at the beach :D
except, i kinda dropped my favourite necklace into the ocean, and when i tried to grab it before it sank into the waves, i kinda had to walk on the rocks to reach it. but since the tides were big and it was at night, the rocks were pretty slippery :x
the tides came in and i lost balance (NO. I DID NOT DRIFT INTO THE OCEAN, THANK GOD FOR THAT) but i did fell flat on my HEAD on a huge rock :S
yea, it was swollen and there was a little blood. though nothing serious.
good news was i got my necklace :D
hehe. ok ok. enough about that ;p

okay so we were bored. the thing hasnt started yet. it was in Sutera. i had my camera. and we're girls. so might as well ss some more :p


ehehehe. so yea. we wandered off til the thing started :p
the beach was pretty peaceful (:
nice too :O and clean! x]

tada! the starting line! :O
well technically, we just walked the whole way. haha. and jogged only a little :p
at least we finished it :D
and the view back was pretty nice!

after the run, we went back to the beach and spent the night there :p
since it was too dark to take pics, i thought why not use the flash once in a while. haha despite my hatred for flashes, this one was an exception :p

about 9pm, dad called saying he was waiting. so i ran to the lobby and he wasnt anywhere around! aiyaiyaiiiii.
so i waited with Nana. then i say Deb with a big patrick. i want a big plushie :'(
gimme bah crinkles!
haha. i keep getting bitten by mosquitoes. Nana says its cz i dont eat enough veggies :O
pffffttt!! er. haha *coughcough* :P
not my fault 0:)
then Nana left. so i was all alooonneee. then Fay came :D
gay oh she. but she's somewhat much more attractive in person :p
and she has big eyes and hot lips :O
(tkae that as a compliment gay) haha x]
so i waited about another 10minutes til my dad came :O
turns out he was waiting at the other club wile i waited at another club. eh? i dont know. its sutera talk :o

ahhhwelll. oh! i went to IS today for the open day thingy (:
it was pretty cool. i got a picture with Nicoollleeee :D
and i hugged Jess n Bren cz they were there! i miss Steph n Sara :[
ahhhhhhh. i might be attending Is nxyear. depends on if im accepted or something :S
i hope so. ick :S