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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Tuesday, November 30
looking back

i honestly am trying to finish up on my music assignments before the due date if possible. dont think ill be able to cope with another last minute project though it does usually come out better than i hope.

so i was randomly going through my old blogposts a while ago, especially the ones i posted back in highschool. i couldnt help but laugh and feel slightly embarrassed by all the silly little things i wrote about. i couldnt believe it myself the amount of things i posted about. it does bring back some good memories but at the same time, i begin to wonder 'did i really write this?' haha. well no use regretting anything now. better to let bygones be bygones.

life works in funny ways, dont you think? i mean when you think you're the only person in the world with problems, you stop and think for a while and try looking at things in a completely different light from someone else's point of view. i've noticed my posts have been quite sad and emo lately but i'm starting to think that writing (or in this case, blogging) comes in handy when you have all these thoughts running through your head. good thing my blog circulation is pretty low. im still getting used to the fact that other people might read this. (yes, i know my blogs been up for a few years now and yes, i also know that i've rambled on about my personal life in the past but i dont anymore and im trying to understand why i ever did) which explains why my posts are usually filtered now.

x srya

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Wednesday, November 24

all i hear is raindrops, falling on the rooftop.
oh baby tell me why'd you have to go,
cause this pain i feel it wont go away,
and today, im officially missing you.

i thought that from this heartache, i could escape,
but I fronted long enough to know
there ain't no way, and today,
im officially missing you.

ooh, can't nobody do it like you,
said every little thing you do,
hey baby said, stays on my mind,
and I, im officially..

all i do is lay around,
two years full of tears,
from looking at your face on the wall,
just a week ago, you were my baby,
now i dont even know you, dont know you at all,

and i wish you would call me right now,
so that i could get through to you somehow,
i guess its safe to say baby, its safe to say,
that i, im officially missing you.

ooh, can't nobody do it like you,
said every little thing you do,
hey baby said, stays on my mind,
and I, im officially..

well, i thought i could just get over you baby,
but its something that i just cant do,
from the way you would hold me,
to the sweet things you told me,
i just cant find a way to let go of you.

ooh, can't nobody do it like you,
said every little thing you do,
hey baby said, stays on my mind,
and I, im officially missing you,

all i hear is raindrops,
and im officially missing y o u.

x srya

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Saturday, November 20
tisbury lane

No one can know just how she feels
She won't use the phone, she's too tired to pick it up
She's going back to the old way
She sits in the classroom to learn with the others

so now im sitting here wondering if i can make sense of the world. trying not to get annoyed and trying not to think too much. don's playing the guitar while val's offering out chocolates. another night, another thing to think about in a few years.

x srya

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Tuesday, November 16
thank you

amazing how in one of the worst accidents ever, one manages to come out with minor injuries while the other comes out unscathed. call it a miracle? call it God's will.

God works in mysterious ways. its times like these when we realize he's watching over our every step. masyaallah, alhamdullillah <3

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Saturday, November 13

i wonder what would've happened if we were still together. would we have broken up anyway due to irreconcilable differences? would we still be arguing everyday over the littlest things? or would we be stronger than ever? would we be able to celebrate our supposedly soon to be 4th year anniversary? funny how humans end up missing something so much when its out of their reach. sometimes i just cant help but wonder. i guess some things just don't have answers.

eventhough we're miles apart and eventhough things changed, you have and always will have a special place in my heart. i know you know it for a fact. i love you, applepie and thats one thing that wont change :)

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Saturday, November 6
once a year

since im not asleep and i could spare some time on this, i would so much like to wish happy birthday to two of these amazing girls!

dear michie, you are now 19years old and i envy you for getting SOOOO much prettier each time i see you! i know you're having yr exams now and i wish you all the best and goodluck eventhough i know for a fact that you dont need it! :P i wish words could express of how much i miss you and i cant wait til u come to subang to spend the night. haha ill call atung and we'll have our pillow talks again ok! x

FILZA ATHIRA JUHARI! you are crazy, careless, at times blur, loud and did i mention crazy?? what else can i say? officially 18 and legal now so it entitles you entries to clubs and booze and shiz like tht........ AFTER finals according to our agreement. hehehe :B anyways, have a kickass birthday okay?! we'll have our horror movies with mi ruski soon! :D x


x srya

ps. you probly noticed i stole yr pics from fb. hahaha OHWELL. copyrighted B)

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Wednesday, November 3

lately i've noticed everyone needs someone to talk to and someone to listen to them. but to expect people to understand you, you have to learn to understand people. talking it out is always a good form of communication. how else would peace be declared?

dear you,

i know things haven't exactly been okay between us but i wanted you to know that im done being angry. im done thinking about the bitter things that happened between us and i dont wanna hate you. because at the end of the day, ill always end up remembering the good times we've shared, the times you've been there, the times you haven't, our rants and vents about relationships and friendships, our few sleepovers and even our sarcastic remarks on certain things. eventhough i haven't known you very long, you were one of my first friends in college. i thank you for welcoming me, for being in my life. i know i haven't been around much last semester. but please understand my intentions were not to hurt you. deep down you knew how hectic everything was in that sem for me. maybe it was my fault for spending the free time i had with other people and not you. you felt used that i only called you when i had no one else to hang out with? i called you cos i haven't seen you in a while and i genuinely wanted to spend time with you. you took it the wrong way though. you left and you didn't even talk to me about it. walking out like that wasn't the best option but i guess you just didn't want to confront the drama. i know you'll hate me no matter what i say cos i know how you are. the anger will always be there. you know you can forget but you cant forgive. we talked about it before. i dont think there's much to say anymore. i finally realized that no matter how much i miss us hanging out, im just hanging on to a clutter of ashes. so i hope the best for you. ill always be around if you need anything but im done being hurt, angry and disappointed. if you think you're the only person affected by this, think again. good luck in whatever you want.


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