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▪ backpacking!
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travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Sunday, June 29
sleepless saturday with crinkles

okay. its sunday now. in the afternoon. i just woke up. why so late?
blame Qay :)
well not exactly. it was either him or updating fanfiction x]

i was sms2-ing him until 1 in the morning. but couldnt reply cause my credit expire. then he thought i went to sleep. he came online at about what? 3?
we were both bored. and there was this reallllyyy GROSS disgusting freak who added me in MSN and asked if he could be my boyfriend AFTER i told him IM TAKEN. and im pretty sure i dont know him and he doesnt know me.
ew n desperate much?

We played those game thingys in MSN. got that the label2 atas2 the one with the card and the piece of chess?
Crinkles and I played Uno. he said i cant win against him in uno. and guess what? :D

okay. after that, we played tic tac toe. hehehehe.
i dominate :D

and moving onnnn.
we played checkers after that since Qay didnt wanna play uno against the computer. psshht. sore loser :p
my brother, Noer just got back from i dont know where. i went to open the door for him while Qay went to brush his teeth.
& my brother kept talking n talking n telling me stuff
and it was hard to concentrate on the game.
Crinkles ate my pieces.
he was winning. he had more crowned checkers!
then. then. then.
kan Crinkles? hahaha
he offered a draw at first but i declined since i was gonna have the win xD

then we played rock, paper, scissors.
okay im not that good in rock paper scissors but atleast i know how to play ku ci pa?
nehhhhhhhhhhhhh. hahahaha
in short, i lost.

switch games again. i didnt know how to play anything else in the game. so i chose jigsaw?
it was so effing boring i shifted to fanfiction. haha
then i ask crinkles if he was doing it. he said yes.
then tia jadi wanna tukar game -.-
but i tukar anyway :p
couldnt take it. haha.

then he wanted to play poker :O
draw 5 cards. and i did. i lost? wait. i dont know. i cant tell.
then another 5 cards. whats with the coin thingy??
then another 5. i only had 3!

okay i was too caught up til i didnt realise it was already 5:10am
i signed out without saying gtg cause i had 180 seconds on the clock to get back to my room.
dad always wakes up at 5:13am and i didnt wanna get caught. hehe
i arrived safely and the clock was 5:11am.
ngam2 5:13, i heard Dads door open.
HAH! i was right :p
hahaha. oh well.

i will be online til 5:10am in the morning every saturday night thank you :)
bah pa lagi? haha.
happy sunday x]

Thursday, June 5
cars look like antsies from high views :)

oh oh!
the petrol prices has increased! :O
about wat? rm30 or so for 50litres? correct me if im wrong :)
i could see the line in petronas from tuition lastnight since it was right infront of the tuition centre.
all the roads were totally blocked and we couldnt get home. then noer called and asked us to fetch him at the Lamsin resident aaalll the way in putatan :O
so we stayed there til all the hollabalooo cleared up
and we actually left at 12am :O
i was. tired. and hungry :[

and because of that, (i mean the petrol price thingy) other stuff has increased its prices as well :/
im gonna go broke soon (not that im not now)

hmmm. im bored again :]
i have nothing to do. haha
i spent the day watching the jonas brothers on youtube
yes! i like them! theyre effing cute! :D
n i smsed Qay all day. er. almost all day. he sent me pics of the limkokwing tour :p
and i sent him a pic i curi take of someone from tuition's pencilcase. it was a spongebob pencilcase. he got jealous :D heeeeee
and he forgot to bring money to 1 utama. haha

i checked peoples blog too :]
yes. i read ur blogs when u least expect it :O
be surprised. be very. surprised :p

bah. older brother, noer wants to use the computer now :O
sadly, i have limited time on the computer when he's around :'(
ohwell. who cares :D

catch ya later alligator x]