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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

lomo cam
▪ polaroid camera
long necklaces
▪ walk around Europe
short hair
▪ backpacking!
▪ write a book
a more random roadtrips!
▪ compose a song
travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Monday, April 26


bestie, girlfriend, sayang, travel buddy :*
you're 19 now, and you are still the sweetest girl i know! you are an amazingly awesome person inside and out. awww my little girl's all grown up :')
im SUPER sorry i cant celebrate your birthday with you this year but i'll see you soon when i get back and we'll have some thaliasurya time ok?!

i love you, bestie! xoxo :D

Sunday, April 25

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

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Saturday, April 17

My night was interesting. was driving around with Myra and Dan and I was actually clueless about where we were going. Ended up with a nice surprise by watching edc practice at the studio after we picked kaizan up from home. I learnt that kaizan is basically an AMAZING drummer and giraffe boy is replacing aiman on the djembe. Then we had dinner at Rasta which was basically more of a havefuntakecaregoodluckseeyousoon kinda dinner for aiman since he's leaving for clubmed cherating right about now. Awh no lame jokes anymore for the nx three months and less one person for myra and i to gang up on. grr haha anywho, have fun u lamo! youll do awesome and have so much fun there! *jealous. dont be too lame ok? and please keep that bonelesschicken joke to yourself! We'll come visit you soon! haha :p goodluck aimansyahiran!
breathe, smile and dream

ps. I had an awesome mushroom cheese bacon burger lastnight at Rasta thanks to kaizan's recommendation :)

x srya

Wednesday, April 14

an EPIC result of a random cookie making session by aiman, danial, lyana, myra and i on an average tuesday afternoon.
the awesomest weird looking chocolate chip green cookie yet :)

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When you have to look away
When you don't have much to say
That's when I love you
I love you
Just that way

To hear you stumble when you speak
or see you walk with two left feet
That's when I love you
I love you...endlessly

And when your mad cause you lost a game
Forget im waiting in the rain
Baby I love you
I love you anyway

Cause here's my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cause that's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

So when you turn to hide your eyes
Because the movie, it made you cry
That's when I love you
I love you a little more each time

And when you can't quite match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
That's when I love you
I love you more than you know

And when you forget that we had a date
That look that u give when you show up late
Baby I love you
I love you anyway

Cause here's my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cause that's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

That's when I love you
When nothing baby
Nothing you do can change my mind
The more I learn the more i love
The more my heart can't get enough
Thats when I love you
When I love you
No matter what

No matter what...

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Saturday, April 10

Today was a pretty productive day. Volunteered under YAWA (Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam) for an event at the UM hospital in aid of children with cancer. Fortunately enough, I had an awesome time with the YAWA crew and getting the kids and parents to come and design button badges. Some were adorable, some were pretty artsy and some were just downright creative! There was one girl who wrote her name then colored it with the color of the rainbow, a little boy who drew spiderman (atleast I think it was spiderman) and and and tons of other stuff! One of the girls, her names Wendy btw, and she's 6 years old, asked me to draw her a rabbit and a penguin. Then she said "the rabbits holding the carrot in a field but the carrots thinking of the penguin". Cute is basically the only word I can think of to describe these kids <3 And I mean judging by how old they are, i have to say it was pretty cool :) oh! and not to mention I helped a lot of them draw whatever they wanted. Hehe guess they'll have a piece of me with them everywhere ;) oh and right after they made their buttons, some of them hung out with the ecodrumcircle members and played around with the instruments. Guess music really does connect people in ways :)

Though on the down side of things, I couldn't help but feel a slight chill knowing half of the kids who came in had cancer. And if they didn't, they had relatives with cancer. They were super cute when they were drawing and designing their button badges so I couldn't help but feel heartbroken thinking that they might not have much time in THIS world and how their parents are just waiting for the hour glass to finally run out. And imagine they're just kids! I saw how attached the kids were to their parents and vice versa. The kids were just simply innocent. They loved entertainment as much as the next kid does. Sigh god it's mentally killing me everytime I even think about it :(

At the same time I felt touched when I saw a few kids writing "i love my family so much" on their buttons. I mean everyone can say it nowadays but not everyone can actually mean it.

and ps. a little girl said 'i love you mummy' as she wrote this on her button too :)

c'est la vi. x

x srya