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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

lomo cam
▪ polaroid camera
long necklaces
▪ walk around Europe
short hair
▪ backpacking!
▪ write a book
a more random roadtrips!
▪ compose a song
travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Saturday, September 4
chasing pavements

its 2.30am at the moment and that means 4 more days till i can hop on that airplane to go home sweet home. dont get me wrong, i quite love it here in kl but there's the saying 'home is where the heart is'. some time off of everything here would be nice even if it is for just a couple of days. im just dying to see the familiar faces especially since its raya season :)

on another note, im feeling slightly contented with everything that's happened over the past few weeks. a lot drama and such but also loads of laughters and memories ready to be kept. just when you think things couldnt get worse, the people around you come along, and you just cant help but smile (even if it is through boardgames, lame jokes, uno or ridiculous dreams. haha :p) for that, i thank you awsomes; myra, angie, danial, mercy, ganesh, rach, george, kaizan and aiman :) you guys are simply amazing company despite the dramas <3

pssst. take my breath away ;)

x srya

Friday, September 3

things change, people change.
complaining about it wont help the situation. it all goes down to how well you adapt to it :)