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x srya

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Thursday, July 15

So everythings been quite a bit of a mess lately. Troubles and such; never had I thought I'd be experiencing highschool at this stage in life. That's just life I suppose. Finals in roughly 3 weeks. 3 major presentations due in the coming two weeks as well as assignments, quizzes and ofcourse tests. Faire La Charite was a success and the kids of the Agathian Shelter had a pretty great time from what I've heard :)
On to the next agenda. Prom coming up next friday. Actually feeling a little lazy about going (not that I have a choice) but I'm feeling a little excited about it. Time to just chill with friends in our out of the norm attire but ohwell. It'll be fun to see everyone dress up so prettily. Technically it's not really about the event itself but it's who you hang out with on the night itself that determines the outcome of it all :)
In the past few weeks, I've had the liberty to find out those who has truly cared about my wellbeing. This might be a little mix of sadness, emoness, corniness and probly cheesiness but yeah. Knowing you guys are just a phone call away, I wanna say thank you for being there when I needed someone. Youve made it slightly easier for me though you didn't do much <3

I've been saying thank you a lot in the past few posts haven't I? haha ohwell. it's been a pretty rough month. Pretty stoked for the next sem to start so I can leave everything behind. not that I regret anything bad that happened :)

x srya

Monday, July 5

Um yeah. hi. long time no news right? yes I know. I feel the same way too. other than angry birds trying to kill the pigs who stole their eggs and zul getting himself a nikon D1000, there's nothing new. ohwell. Oh I'm good thank you. um yeah. bye?

x srya