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Monday, September 22

my 20th monthsary *cough*

there were 2 problems with that night.
1. my heels, were KILLING me.

yes i know, of all times to not bring a cam, that night!? siiiighhh..

well my day was pretty interesting (:
Claire came by at 2.
i forced her to wear her contacts and put on her dress so i can see how she looks like. hehe
i did her makeup! yea yea be surprised :P
since i was absolutely clueless about makeup other than the uses of concealer, blusher and eyeliner, i had to google it up to help claire. hehe

i typed in "make-up to make eyes look bigger"
it took about mm 2 hours? haha

Thal called to tell me her dad wants to leave at 5.30 since Claire and i were following her. when i called dad at about nearly 5, he said he was on the way. and i realised i DIDNT have makeup on, i HAVENT worn my dress yet, and i did NOTHING with my hair (:

so eh, express! i grabbed my dress and changed, and kept running back and forth to grab the makeup. dad was RIGHT ON TIME.


we got to sutera at 6! :D
okay, the place was huge, and im very unfamiliar with Magellan so we got lost :x
BJ got lost at the pacific sutera so i had to fetch him there :P
let me tell you, if it wasnt for thal and bj i seriously wouldve worn my ChuckTaylors instead of those heeels! i mean yea sure, i love dressing up and such but still!

the night was alright (:
as much as i love spending the night away with bj, i really hoped i spent more time with them mich. but their table were waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy across the room!
i know mich looked simply stunning tho! :D

when it ended about half past 10, i went looking for them but i just couldnt find em. even asked vendie but she didnt see them either. so saddd.
not even one pic with miamigos :[

good thing was, the night at the beach was pretty peaceful :D
hehe. thats all im telling you!

randomness of the post :
i love converse (:

Tuesday, September 16

oh! i just realised i haven't admitted to discovering that i like watching gossip girls :D
who knew bitchiness could be so classy and awesome? (:

then again, not really (:

yes i am aware its a teenage version of sex and the city mind you.

but eh. chuck bass is awesome with his thick accent ;p
and Blake Lively is GORGEOUS!
Leighton Meester is oh so adorable!
Chace Crawford is hawt ;P

the person responsible for forcing me to watch Gossip Girl is THALIA SHIM!
ohwell, i didnt say i didnt like it (:

randomness of the post :
er. spaceships are awesome :D

Monday, September 15

wow. looks like i'll be going to SFC installation after all :O
i actually got the ticket eventhough it was fully booked.
dot dot dot dot
remind me to thanks Sarah later (:
its gonna be this saturday, the 20th of September at Sutera Harbour.

psst. 20th Sept equals to my twentieth monthsary :o

lets see what the problems are with that day shall we?

1. i dont know what to do with my hair
2. lotsa people are gonna be judgemental
3. make up? psshh.
4. im jealous of my cousins hair. haha. ok outta the topic here.
4. i dont have a dress.

maybe gonna go lastminute hunting again (:
you have no idea what trouble those tickets caused :O
lotsa people were asking me to accompany them to meet Michelle for the tickets eraly in the morning, BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED!
gah. wow. people really wanna go.
though some people cant go cause no tickets left.
daym those form3s who wants to go. THEY HAVE TWO YEARS LEFT!
what about us form5s huh?
sigh. you'll know the feeling when you're form5 if you're not one now.
ok, i should be grateful cause i got my ticket :x

hehe. my friend Claire, was suppose to bring her boyfriend, Matthew.
but then Matthew forgot to bring his money when they met which was on Sunday.
so Claire was being pissy cause she had to pay for him and such.
and i mean really pissy. haha
When rehat came and she was gonna go pay, Deb gave her the tickets.
Claire wanted to pay then Deb told her "Matthew redi pay last Saturday"
AWWWW. so swweeet. surprise surprise Claire.
thats what you get for being pissy. hahaha :P

i need new clothes :x
(a dress for now)

i have decided i will open a tshirt shop when i grow up :D
it will be one of the many things i will accomplish. haha
i will make a tshirt that says "if you're reading this, you suck and im awesome"
okay maybe not. thats gonna be a Crinkles reserved. his ego fits the shirt (:
kan? haha

do you think i could ditch the installation early and hang around the golf course that night?
i mean, the golf course IS right in front of the place. and its pretty :x
well if you dont get hit my a golf ball that is.

red carpet flame? wth am i spose to wear? :S
ah geez. i'll worry about this on Friday night or Satuday morning then.
i sill have papers til Friday, which is Physics.
strangely, im liking physics and hating chemistry (:
whooopiiieee :O

Last Paper for SPM : December 1st, accounts. -.-

randomness of the post :
i like my cousin's hair.