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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

lomo cam
▪ polaroid camera
long necklaces
▪ walk around Europe
short hair
▪ backpacking!
▪ write a book
a more random roadtrips!
▪ compose a song
travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Tuesday, January 25
silly king

thank you :)

x srya

Wednesday, January 19
term five

come and meet me on the sunny road

college has started and im still trying to get used to the new lakeside campus. its not a bad place really but i dont know, it just doesnt give me that 'i need to study' vibe :S so lets check what im taking this semester- statistics, history, public relations and (dare i say it) theater! yes theater, i know i cant act for shits and dont ask me why i even thought of taking it. it was a spur of the moment decision? and since its the second week of the semester already, its too late for me to even think of dropping any of subject. i think im gonna kill myself this sem.................. :(

on the bright side though, i have my awesome planner which i jot down stuff i need to do and i TRY to get it done. and i have another yearly planner provided by the adp office- YAY! but things are already starting to pile up, unfortunately. statistics quiz and homework that involves freaking excel -.- journal entries for every theater class, 2 plays to be read and 3 live performances to be watched before the semester gets hectic (which is usually the second month). it is fun though i can say that. what else? oh PR mock press conference and scavenger hunt. and i was lucky enough to do it on the National Zoo! :)

lets hope i make it through the semester and then my last :))

x srya

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Monday, January 3
2011 resolution

not sure what my resolutions are. i would say my resolution is to not make any resolution but that itself is a resolution on its own? so yes. probably stick to the old resolution that i never actually stuck to. come to think of it, i dont even know what my past resolutions were. except ofcourse the resolutions about studying and stuff like that. haha yeah im using the word resolution too much right now. so for now, ill just go with the flow. whatever comes and goes :)

x srya

Sunday, January 2
first post of the year!

it'd only be fitting for me recap bits and pieces of whats happened in 2010 and close the book properly. well there really is about 365days worth of memories to talk about and ofcourse, i cant mention them all. cant really recall what happened between january and may but i can vividly remember what happened from june till december. well the years been full of both pleasant and heartbreaking surprises. let me list down a few (since i figure everyone else is doing this too. haha)

by non-chronological order :P
1. colorful lights in icity
2. stuff my face and inline skating (which i havent done in years!)
3. random roadtrip to malacca with dan and niko :)
4. ended a 3 and a half year relationship
5. somehow managed to include edc and yawa in my life
6. lost a couple of good friends
7. met a bunch of pretty awesome ass people along the way
8. moved in with two extremely cool people :)
9. cut my hair real short for the first time in my life! well not that short
10. gained weight! which i am determined to lose this year >:)

all in all, 2010 has been quite an eventful year. then again, every year has its story. so 2011, bring it on :)

x srya