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Sunday, July 5

i have the hugest urge to watch re-runs of the addams family now.
i'd name my daughter wednesday but i dont want her playing with any sharp objects or weapons of any sort.
if i were to name my son friday though, it'd be weird cause i dont him to turn out a cannibal then spend the rest of his life with a male named Robinson Crusoe and not get married -.-

i've been feeling slightly off these days. i've been rummaging through an old playlist consisting of tons of music from the 90s which included boybands such as NSYNC, Westlife, A1, Boyzone, etc. haha they were actly very good- and thats my childhood talking cz i grew up listening to them. oh and santana and toploader too ;)
currently listening to? Miley Cyrus and moving on to American Diary.

So i got my off days next week :D
tuesday til sunday. hehe gonna be doing some travelling with the sister for a bit. so i wont be around for those days ;)
destinations are kuching (for the rainforest music festival!), then off to johor to meet the parents i think. spending dads birthday on sunday on the plane back to kk maybe? :)
then start working on monday all over again. ohwell. gonna have to enjoy it as much as i can.
wont really be around for much longer.

the girls are planning on a day trip to manukan before i leave. cant wait :D
text me to confirm?

i miss applepie :(