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travel locally
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▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Saturday, March 22
22 March 2008

YAY!!! i have a new feakin cat!!!
okay, today was my cousins wedding
so my dad balik kampung to see his niece get married to a stranger(cause we dont know him :x) :]
i didnt go cause i overslept :x
usually after a trip back from bongawan, my parents would bring home rendang n yummy stuff
instead of delicious awesome delicacies,
they brought home a WHITE SIAMESE KITTEN,
by the name RICHIE
AWWW. so adorable! & hyper too! :S

Monday, March 17
lights and twinkles

see how peaceful this is? wonder what happened to it.
if ur reading this at night, try looking out the window and see if u can spot more than one or two barely visible lights.
if you can, please tell me where you live cause i would love to visit that place :]
because i was always alone in my room, i remembered staring out the window when i was a kid :D
counting the stars and looking at the moon.
it was peaceful to look at. but i cant even find any stars now :[
due to the factories they built nearby (MORE factories), the sky now looks reddish and cloudy even at night! Dx
and and more lights are being used in each house makin it even harder to spot any glimmer of light in the sky :(
& if u see a red light, yea. thats an aeroplane :]

some people wouldnt care. i mean, its not important right? -.-"
bluekhh :6
seriously, the only places where u can see ACTUAL stars now are the suburbs :o
and the kampung2 area (which i might add, looks mighty peaceful when its dark)
when was the last time YOU saw agazillion stars in the sky? :O
awwhh. i miss the clear view :[
note to self : travel more. with an SLR if possible ;p

Monday, March 10
full house :D

okay okay.
i have to admit im not much of a korean fan :O
but fullhouse is reallyyyy CUTE!

i was strolling around the pages in youtube the other day and i suddenly remembered that korean drama entitled fullhouse
so apa lagi? tengok balik la bah xO

the show is super cute! super awesome! super funny! super corny :S
but still fun :D

and and and SONG HYE-GYO is gorgeous :D

Saturday, March 8
6th March 2008 :]

oh! ps. he got a new SONY ERICSON K810i FOR HIS BDAY ;P