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Friday, May 15

my recently added favourite videos :)

i must and will watch '17Again' when it comes out. watching 'Angels&Demons' sooooonn

why why why why whyyyy

evryones going to form6. hmmph
although this would be a nice chance to say "HAH YOU'RE GOIN BACK TO SCHOOOLL, YA SILLY SCHOOL KIDS"
but errrrr. hehe lek bah kamu :P

ee i feel left out. again.
even brandons going to form6. whyyyh :[

surya's not going to form6. why? just naturally not interested i suppose.
but i remembered when i was 9, i said "after form5, im going to form6. why? cause 6 is bigger than 5"

i've been thinking. i am realllyyy lazy when it comes to studying now. so it seems all i wana do is jalan2, makan2 and maybe go travelling. i seriously decided to continue my studies next jan instead.

but somehow, fate came to bite me in the arse when a letter came in a day after i decided. the letter landed in my mothers hands and it was an offer letter to Taylors College for the august intake. my mother immediately called me and said "bawa bapa pi register ah"
& since i was half asleep, all i said was "ok" and hung up.
I guess im going to college then?

& i would've really went through with my plans about studying next jan instead, but dad wouldn't let me go travelling & my laziness came back. so eh. what the heck. new chapter calls.

but but but i will sangat sangat rindu my sayangs lah. yieyie whos going to uitm in sepanggar, brandon whos going to form6 :(, thal who just kicked off her term in KCC && loads of more of others. i heard thems girlies are going to maktab sabah for form6. wow reli never expected that. now im hoping michie's scholarship is gonna land her somewhere nearby. or better yet, at taylors trus! preee? u going to college ba kan? wana go kl together? hehe

hmmmmm im leaving in august. resigning in july. hopefully i'll get to see everyone before i leave lah. wth so cornyyy ohhhhh. hahaha

now lets watch Taylor Swift's new video! :D
Lucas Till! So so so cute smileeeeee :D