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x srya

lomo cam
▪ polaroid camera
long necklaces
▪ walk around Europe
short hair
▪ backpacking!
▪ write a book
a more random roadtrips!
▪ compose a song
travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Wednesday, October 29

ok, so my sister's confirmed her flight back to kk on november 15th.
she's been away for the past year? yea the past year. i think.

here's what im hoping from her when she gets back :P
(yes, i am well aware you're reading this che)

i MUST want,
1. MALTESERS! you know im in love with those :D
2. to touch and use her SLR!
3. that roadtrip after SPM

and here's what im hoping for,
4. tutor me in chemistry and addmath
5. cute tops. hehe :P
6. accessories or a pair of sunnies (:

i cant think of anything else at the moment. i'll let you know when i do ;p

woohooo. november 15th! cant wait ;]


i've been stressing lately. and i have huge zits to prove it :[
spm is in 12days?
goshh. ahwell, if u need me, just send me a text.
i wont be on as much from now on.
here's the daily schedule;

monday - friday
school in the morning,
library after school until 6,
tuition or stay at the library til 8,
go home, sleep the night off.
(of course that aint a fixed schedule. i still have a life ;)

sat & sunday
possibly go to starbucks to study (if i have the money)



Saturday, October 25


the day where we paid rm75 to wear smelly 4years old robes, receive empty graduation files, eat underpriced food that looked like it costed rm3, and wear traditional clothes for just one morning (:

ok so maybe im not giving the school enough credit, but!

okay, i cant think of any nice things to say about the school :O

hm. nothing much to blog about really. the morning was just full of laughter, smiles, ss-ing, talking, gossips, noise, rebellions and the word 'graduation'

oh! after the ceremony was over though, Fed, Vicky and I went to waterworld :D
just for fun ;p
we got there at 12 plus and the tihng hasnt opened yet. so we played around fo a while :D

and then it started raining (:
oh it was fun, we ran in the rain and swam in the rain too :D

hehe. now off i go
i've got a date with some sejarah books. sighh


Monday, October 20

im gonna be a total and complete freak here but have you seen the latest Jonas Brothers video?? :D
its like, seriously cute ohhh ;p

watch it! WATCH! :D

Jonas Brothers - Lovebug
ok i admit, the Jonas Brothers ARE gay in a way. but i listen to Mika, so why not them?
yeaa, i guess im way over my head to be so into this boy band but eh. i dont know. guess its the type of powerpop music i get used to ;]
ya baa. im a dork bah :x

good thing is, i've learnt im into MOST type of music (:
surprisingly, Miley Cyrus included i might add :o

to fans of Paramore, i would suggest for you to listen to Hey Monday :D
Cassadee Pope is hawt :D
to fans of Kill Paradise and NeverShoutNever, i'd suggest listening to Owl City ;]
oh! also, try downloading songs by Chase Coy (or better known as Dear Juliet). he's awesome and not to mention, uber cute xD

hehe lets move on. i found a website where i can actly download books for free! yayyy :D
so far, i've already downloaded the whole twilight series by stephenie meyer ;D
but its illegal la. kinda. its like limewire in a way. ur not spose to download it like that :x
then again, no ones stopped using the software (:

i cant wait for this wednesday! its freakin GRADUATION DAY for us form5s :D
though i cant find any logic in why we have to pay rm75 for the food and robes which we will be giving back :/
and an extra rm10 if we wanna bring our camera!
geez. one of the many reasons i will be glad to leave that school after my last paper on december 1st :O

sigh. ah well, reviews make me happy (:

Wednesday, October 8

i was browsing through the folders on the computer today and i noticed the stuff i saved from msn. hahaha
they're kinda funny and i should definitely save more conversations in the future :D
so beware! hahaha

hehe. here's my conversation with my bestieeee :DD

ink messages are uber awesome yes? (:

Thursday, October 2

Happy Raya People! :D

ok ok, since this is supposedly a malay celebration, i mean,

ok so i'd like to apologize for the offensive sarcasm (if any), the offensive name calling (if any), the offensive 'i forgot about you cause i have bad memory' (which is true and if any), the nonstop nagging and venting (which i know is a lot. hehe), the bossiness and arrogantness, the part of the day where you cant stand me (yea, sorry bout that ;p), the loudness and the yelling, the pukul2 (you know i aint gonna stop anyway crinkles :), the stress of having to cope with me (if any).. and more stuff that makes you think im incompetent or whatnot.


hehe. bah anyone open house? ;p