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Friday, November 21

just a quick post :P

well, bm was horrible, sejarah was horrendous, english was good, maths was ok, agama was fine, addmath was SHIT, chemistry was hell and.......

i am excited, i am excited, i am excited!
only physics, est and accounts left! hope i can manage physics and accounts well though (:


ok ok. lets seee. oh oh!
no shit i am so watching that movie! hehe. anyone wana blanja ah? :P

oh i think i got a job before im even done with spm (:
hehe. well, mom got me the job. er kinda.
my brother works there, but he's resigning next month.mom and sis talked to the manager.
they said i got the job and i start on the first :OO
but since my paper finishes on the first, i might start a few days later?
(so much for a short holiday) but hey, i got a job :D

oh, starbucks btw :P


3 more papers! wish me luck! :D
spm month is torture! -.-"

Friday, November 7

ahem ahem, let me start off with how excited but at the same time, empty i feel now that the last day of high school is OFFICIALLY OVER!
and i mean, literally. NO MORE WAKING UP AT 5AM TO GET TO SCHOOL FOR ME!

its totally exciting laa. but a part of me kinda feels empty.
why? cause it feels like im leaving my teenhood as im leaving high school :/
yea, not exactly a fun feeling.
to all forms (whichever form u are as long as i know u and u know me),
I WILL MISS YOU! unless i dont like u la. but what are the odds? hehe. i dont dislike anyone... anymore (:
i will especially miss the students of 4SF'07 and 5SF'08, what can i say?
we've been through a lot. those chicas are seriously awesome independent ladies, no shit :P
we're awesome and we rock big time ;p
haha see ya rockstars at Rainforest Cafe on December 1st! :D
hm. i will NOT say goodbye to the school YET because im still sitting for my spm exam which starts in a few days by the way.
last paper, december 1st,
now THATS when i'll give a proper goodbye :')

oh oh. my computer busted.
im sad it did cause all my memories were saved on it and i dont have any copies of em.
even my work, my stories, my articles, my observations, my books, my pictures, my memories...
well everything laa. u get the point.
yes ann, i know how u feel. sigh!
but i will upload the memoirs of the last days of high school soon, i promise (:
ngam again the timing that for it to break down. now i wont be using the computer anymore.
this is my mothers laptop :P
oh konea, or anyone else, will do tagging duties once spm is over, alright? (:

wish me luck!

xoxo <3