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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

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travel locally
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▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Thursday, December 30
vain and 15

i was browsing through some old pictures where i found this. haha was pretty much loving my new pink sony cyber shot camera, a gift from my parents for my 15th birthday :)
compare how i looked 4 years ago and now? a lot yet not that much of a difference :S
my face probably matured over the years? chubbier, bigger, probably, maybe? haha wonder how i'll look like in 10years :)

x srya

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Monday, December 27
hand in matrimony

finally the end of a three day wedding.
to cheche and abang Razin, congratulations. I honestly can't think of anyone else good enough for my sister. welcome to the family :)

Love always,
x srya

Tuesday, December 21
in the morning

okay so technically im home now, as in home home and i have absolutely nothing to do. how sad is that? :s i recall lastweek i couldnt wait to get home but now it seems that im ready to head back to kl :o ofcourse thats just the boredom talking. i've been getting a lot of sleep. well not entirely true but ive been sleeping nonetheless. my brains literally melting from all the slumber. this just cant be good for the mind body and soul. i dont like sleeping in :s i shud probly get people to wake me up in the morning. but im not exactly a morning person either. after 9am should be sufficient enough wouldnt it? hm now that i think about it, maybe i was being too harsh on aiman everytime he gave me the wakeup call. then again, he always called between the hours of 5 and 8 -_-" but being pissy was probably not a good way of saying thank you. er woops. ohwell :p
hmmm so plans on going island hopping has been sadly canceled due to weather conditions. boo. cant go up the mountains either. double boo. but thankfully for wednesday plans with the girls so i wont be too bored. swimming swimming :D oh i bought a book a few days ago. 'what i talk about when i talk about running' by haruki murakami. he is EPIC. one of my fav authors, period. mm other than that, i went jogging the other day (yes surprise, surprise) and yoga (shocking aint it?). i came to a conclusion that the adrenaline feels really good. exercising can be addictive..... only of you dont stop.

oh yeah. birthday passed so im officially 12 months away from turning 20. overall, it was a pretty pleasant birthday. probably with some traditions broken but its all good:)

x srya

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sunny road

wrote you this,
i hope you got it safe.
it's been so long,
i don't know what to say.
i've travelled 'round
through deserts on my horse,
but jokes aside,
i wanna come back home.
you know that night,
i said i had to go..
you said you'd meet me,
on the sunny road.

it's time, meet me on the sunny road
it's time, meet me on the sunny road

i never married,
never had those kids..
i loved too many,
now heaven's closed its gates..
i know I'm bad..
to jump on you like this.
some things don't change.
my middle name's still 'Risk'
i know that night,
so long long time ago..
will you still meet me
on the sunny road?

It's time, meet me on the sunny road
It's time, meet me on the sunny road

well, this is it
i'm running out of space
here's my address
and number just in case.
this time as one
we'll find which way to go
now come and meet me
on the sunny road

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Thursday, December 9
slightly lost in between

SO! with all the drama thats been happening around me lately, im feeling kinda dazed and a little blur. havent heard of anything else in the past week so i assumed it's over for now but i guess its not? i mustve missed something there :s

anywho, exam week. been feeling awfully tired from the late nights and last minute revisions. music and advertisings over and done with, now im sitting here juggling between sociology and chemistry which is coming up tomorrow. im almost to a point of giving up. ALMOST. breathe breathe breathe. semester break starts right after i finish my paper. yay :)

to think a few more days till i can go back home as in HOME home :)

x srya

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