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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

lomo cam
▪ polaroid camera
long necklaces
▪ walk around Europe
short hair
▪ backpacking!
▪ write a book
a more random roadtrips!
▪ compose a song
travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Friday, August 22

surya is B-B-BORED!

photographer would be Noor Sahara. photo taken in Oct 2006

well, to measure up how bored i am, i've edited this pic up here, and posted it as my defult in myspace and that lead me to this post (:
hm lets see what i have in mind thats not too private. my fanfiction entry has just been reported earlier this week for violation of the terms and conditions because i used 'real people' in the story. pssh! stupid rules. i had to delete my story :/
i had a pretty boring holiday. dad went to kl and bought me a pack of milk chocolate WITHOUT nuts! how awesome is that? :D
oh im allergic to nuts btw.
i went to the movies with BJ n Thal n Ren yesterday. we watched YOU DONT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN! daym the movie was perverted but daym funny! haha (:

oh oh if u havent noticed, i have songs in my blog now! haha (okay okay. i know. sad excuse for a topic. im bored bahhh)
i think im stil crushing on Barney! and the red ranger ;D
hm what else? oh. today was Ridho's 17th birthday (:

Crinkles is worried about his colortest thingy which i think he's screwed but i do hope he passes cause i need a chauffeur :3
heh. now im just waiting for itunes to finish syncing my ipod. geez its takin such a long time Dx
oh lookie. its done. hehe. toodles :D

Sunday, August 17

i think i'll change my link name. just cause i got bored of it (:
though not immediately. but just in case,

this is IF i decide to change it (:
i'll decide within the next few days :P

Saturday, August 16

the start of the night!
a pic of me and fedelia (:
this is the start of La Salle's installation night post :P
hehe. i got there at about um. 5minutes before 7pm :D
as soon as i got there, i was greeted by those waiters(well those people who wait for the guests la at the door) haha. and he pointed me to the Rafflesia Function Room up the swirly stairs. it was at Promenade btw :P
i was freaked, so i went UNDER THE STAIRS cause i was freaked (:
BJ found me. haha.
earlier that day, Thal gave me a few rules for the nights event :
1. NO JACKET - i broke this rule :p hehe
2. NO DOING MY TRADEMARK GOOF DANCE - i did this too for fun :P hehe
3. NO TALKING WITH MOUTH FULL - yea i dont do this anywhere :P
4. DONT FIX HAIR OR MAKEUP - hehe. only twice :P
5. DONT FALL FLAT ON MY FACE - surprisingly i din since i was wearing HEELS. haha :D

okay, so the night was pretty smooth (:

they gave the speeches, they made this video of with plenty of pics of the past interactors for this year. the food came by pretty slow though. but it was pretty ok (:

we sat at a table with three KK High boys too :O

it was awkward :x hehe
they tried to be frindly. really they did. haha. but everyone seems to talk more to themselves (:

oh oh! there was this dare thingy. then the lucky number was asked to do a dare on stage! the first one was FAY :P

hehe. im sorry about this Fay but i just had to do it x]

samuel & bj looking at the people on stage :p
hehe. my highlight of the night :D
i was seriously bored, so i asked Fedel to take a pic of me and BJ. hehe. not that the occasion was boring but i like entertaining myself :3
then Adam and Primus went on stage to perform :O
i felt so bad for not recording them or even takin a pic :S
i was too busy singing along. hehe. they were pretty good :P
THE INSTALLATION KING was MARC JOEL BANSH! i recall lastyear, the king was his older brother Joshua. haha. they have a long family line of royalty in installations i guess? :P
long story short, time to go home (:
waited at the lobby and talked to some people. hehe
elaine the hawt perv, me the ugly humpback, fed the scandalous asswhole :P
this is Jason Dennis's date. she looked really pretty :P her shyness was adorable! haha
Fiqry and his peeps asked me to take this pic! :P
i think this pic is seriously cute. its so sweet!
Nadiah and Johnson. awwww <3 fed wanted to minta puji by the end of the night. hehe

then fed left for home. so i was alone. til Jude came to kawan me (:

he's a sweety :P and hard to believe he's mich's brother and he's a form 4. he's really effin tall!
he had to look short when we took the pic :P

jealous la u claire! haha

ehehe. here was one of the performer holding his guitar :P
he was pretty moody that night. he said he's sick! tho i claim he misses MICHELLE DEBBIE!
hahaha :P
adam, adam. haha

soo. thats pretty much it (:
i'll keep u posted on anything else :P

Wednesday, August 13

happy freakin birthday ABDUL QAYYUM JUMADI!
haha. diam kau gay.
happy birthday my most gay-est bestie of da gaystie!
population : 1
you are old now. older than me for the next 4 months or so :P

u egomaniac selfcentred assturd of a freak!
you blab uncontrollably, you are pretty darn gross most of the time, you make lame impersonations of anything, you appear anywhere at anytime, you suck, you made me hate you more than just once, you could be the WORST possible human i have ever met in my whole entire life! [BUT YOU'RE NOT] (:

you're always around, you make everything look retarded and weird, you make me laugh by being a retard which u are, you're a complete ass but somehow, no matter how much we fight (& how long it lasts) we still talk :P
you dont judge that much and its always a retarded freakfest when we're hangin around and yeaa. it may or may not include some certain injuries though a lot of SHOWING OFF!
and i can pretty much guarantee im sure of it when i call you my gaystie (: [gay bestie] :P

heh, i would say the three words i normally say to people i really really care about, but it'd just be weird :P
haha. so yea. you know how i care for you anyway asswholeee (:

i gotta thank my lucky star (:


Friday, August 8


ehehe. i found this so adorable so i couldnt help but steal it x]

since you love the colour pink, so hey, why not make a pink oriented post for her? haha xD
i dont know if this colour is pink but its close enough. hehe

Nana, you are awesome and im dedicating you this post, because i dont have you're number and i dont see you very much, which is also why i cant say happy birthday to you repeatedly throughout 24 hours of you're birthday (:
(trust me, i do that to most of my friends. kan suzaaaiii? hahaha)

the 7 things i like about about YOU!
you're sweet, you're awesome, you're original, you're a great person, you have cute pictures, you're my younger twin,
you're just... you (:

bah, gimme a call. we should hang out sometime darling ;p
my number is...
chyeah right la! as if im really gonna post it up here :P hahaha

okay okay, hey hey you you!
its been two frickindelic years since we've known each other man! :O
well all in all, have an awesome birthday Nana! now u have exactly 365days left to turn 17! hehe :P