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not everything can be seen by the naked eye.

x srya

lomo cam
▪ polaroid camera
long necklaces
▪ walk around Europe
short hair
▪ backpacking!
▪ write a book
a more random roadtrips!
▪ compose a song
travel locally
▪ travel internationally
▪ be in two places at once
▪ play the guitar
▪ go to africa
▪ make it to california :)

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Words from Before It's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls.

Wednesday, May 28

It had all begun when i was a mere kid.

My name is Nathanial. I turned 6 years old 2 months ago. My mother bought me the greatest gift of all! i always loved bicycles. i like the "twing! twing!" sound it makes when i ring its bell. Now Mothers Day is coming up! im gonna get my mother something special too. My Mother is rarely at home. She's always busy talking on the phone with people who liked talking about appointents and how much cashews they were going to make. i always thought mother loved cashews, cause she always talks about them. so im gonna try making her something with cashew. lots & lots of cashews! she'll be really happy! Since mother's always busy, Nana Flo was the one taking care of me. she's my mother's mommy. We went to the supermarket together and i sneaked a bag of cashews on the counter while she wasnt looking. i dont want Nana Flo to know about my surprise for mommy. she'll tell mommy and ruin the surprise. shhh! we went home and Nana Flo started making a batch of cookie doe. i was crushing cashews in my top secret hiding place. i think mommy always kept cashews in her office cause i never seen any at home. Maybe she didnt want the squirrels flying into our kitchen and eating her cashews. she never really liked furry aminals. "dingdong!" someone's at the door! I waited for Nana Flo to go see who it is. Then i mixed cashews into the bowl. oodles n oodles of cahews! Mother's gonna be so so happy with me! After the cookies were done, Nana went to bed. i waited for mother to come home. i want her to try my cookies. she'll think its the best cookie in the world! it was almost midnight and she's not home yet. where is she? panic overwhelmed me until i heard the front door open. mother's back!

"mommy! mommy!" i yelled in excitement.
"Nathanial. what did i tell you about yelling when im home? im really tired," she said sternly.
"im sorry mother,"
"you're forgiven. why arent you in bed yet young man?"
"i made you cookies! for mothers day!" i exclaimed loudly eager to see her take one.
"well that's very nice of you sweetheart. and it looks wonderful too,"

with that, she took a quick bite as she walked upstairs. suddenly, horror twisted inside of me when i saw my mother fell down the stairs. i ran to her as she struggled to breathe. her face was blue. why's her face blue?!

"MOMMY!!" shouted as loud as i could.

Nana Flo heard the crash and came running as soon as she heard my scream.

Little did i know that had been the last i've seen of my mother. the last i heard of her sweet gentle voice. ambulance surrounded the driveway that night. they came inside the house and took my mother away. Nana Flo was crying. i only wondered where were they taking my mother?
i learnt hours later, that my mother loved CASH not cashews. i learnt days later that she was deathly allergic to cashews. i learnt weeks later, that after a long struggle to come home, my mother was never coming back..

i asked Nana Flo to send my letter to mommy but she wouldnt. i'd cry everyday begging her to but she never wanted to. mommy left me. just like daddy.

Saturday, May 24

nehh. this has been claimed to be the longest word in the world.
and its taken from a song in a movie titled mary poppins
can u say it in 2 seconds?
ngahaha :D
oh n it has a meaning!
Atoning for educatability through delicate beauty
woww kan? hehe

but the longest word is actually a chemical name for longest known protein.
it has. like about. 189,819 effing letters on it! :S
but technically, its not in the dictionary. n some doubt if its even a word. haha
but it has simple name, which is titin.
u wont be able to read the whole thing without scratching ur eyeballs first. haha
but the word most people have a hard time pronouncing is
try saying it :P
let me know if u pronounced it perfectly on a first try, i'l salute u! :D

anybody watched ironman yet? its awesome ohh :D
i'd give it about 8.2/10
4 stars that! hehe
anyone wana belanja me watch prince caspian?
thats next on my list of movies to watch :D
but the rating is only 7.7 laa. thats kinda ok :]
its stil number one currently in the box office.
ohyea! forgetting sarah marshall too!
the rating on the movie database for the is 8.3 / 10!
glaaa. it must be really good to get that rating :O
the rating for what happens in vegas is kinda low though.
only 4.4, it must be not that nice :/
but Ashton Kutcher is hawt :D
speed racer is only 6.6! go watch n let me know if its good or not! :O
i think im gonna go watch indiana jones today! :D
hehe. Shia LaBeouf is adorable x]
and the movie's a steven spielberg production ;p
box office material la ba that. haha
awesome :D

hm i think i hear an icecream truck outside :O
gotta go!
(vanilla icecream is awesome! n u owe me one crinkles)
hehe ;p
oh oh. did i mention?
it was expected i guess. haha

byebye <3

Tuesday, May 20

it has come! the time has come!
seeeee. now its down to the last top two :p
ya la ya laaa.. wat am i talking about?
american idol bahh

top 10

then the top 8

and now the final top 2! :D

david archuleta? or david cook? which one? hahh?

personally, i like archuleta ;p

hehe. BUT

i think david cook should win :)

not that i dont support archuleta laaa. he's cuutee! haha :D

and he has this amazing voice! seeeee. hehe
and he's effing cute! gawwwwd :D

but as for david cook, he's macho eh. n he can really make a good album :)

his voice oso niiiiice. he got simons praise for when he sang "i dont wana miss a thing" by aerosmith!


soooo. who should win? ARCHULETA? OR COOK?

I personally vote for archuleta :p


Friday, May 2
false alert

stupidity = es stupido


turns out the body wasnt murdered but he was struck by lighting, while he was drunk :)
so no murder case la. just a natural phenomenon
i mean, we pay our respects to the dead :x

some students apparently thought the body was murdered and therefore,
spread the news that he was STABBED AND STRANGLED that made everyone panicked and believed the rumour in addition to the presence of the police :o
the body was apparently burnt by the shocking electricity from hiiigh up above :s

but one thing though, anyone noticed there hasnt been rain for the past few days?
or thunder :/
i mean, maybe there was rain, but i didnt notice any :O

and and by the laws of physics,
if there would be lighting, it would strike a tree first,
so the guy mustve been under the tree right?
BUT shouldnt the tree fall down first before the lighting can reach the guy?
eh. whats done is done :/
we pay our respects to the dead and mourn for the lost of his family.