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Monday, May 9
My feet melt the snow

Back from KK after 3 and a half weeks of Sabah goodness! I never knew how good it felt to be home despite the lack of furniture in my supposed bedroom. In fact, I found it be to pretty quaint. Here's a few things I've learnt over the past month back home (yes I took it as a chance for me to seek some therapy since I've been feeling a little lost lately)

1. It's never good to take someone for granted. Even if you're annoyed, they mean well. So be thankful and appreciate the people who's been there for you cos help doesn't come knocking on your doorsteps all the time.
2. Home is where the heart is. Staying with your parents has it's ups and downs. Lucky you won't have to worry about food and shelter at all :)
3. You can't runaway forever. Sometimes, life happens. So as much as you try to put off dealing with it, you'll have to suck it up sooner or later.
4. Be thankful. Some people don't have the opportunities you do so be grateful for what you have.
5. Trust is a huge responsibility. You can either treat it as a treasure or as a burden. but once shattered, good luck.
6. I taught myself basic French thanks to YouTube and JeFrench.com! Haha

Heh there's a few more things but I'm gonna stop before I go all Gandhi on ya. Haha back in Selangor now and the weather is BLAZING hot! I am seriously worried about the ozone layer :(

New semester awaits and I am dead excited for it to start! Gonna have as much fun as I can :)

Til then, au revoire!

x srya